My software testing tale

How it all started

Im pretty sure I am not the only one that’s been hooked to a computer since they were young.

This were.. amazing grafics for me at the time!
Well, of course, not a reality.. But a damn good movie.

What drives me, what drives us?

To me, what really interested me to learn new things had a common goal — to cure boredom.

Jobs, and being the manual workforce

At my first job, I was 17, almost finishing high school.
I got into a Oracle-based support role doing the night shift for Telefonica. Specifically, Oracle Enterprise Software Bus (ESB).

They were similar to this.

The problem of being stuck

Along the way, there are many things that I had to change in my mindset to understand this feeling, and that this “magic box” is just.. magical thinking.

In reality, software changes as you can, not as you want.
Some would even go as far as saying lazy. Oh no, that’s not it.

Getting out of the box

If you feel like these things affect you, and you dont want to get burn out, you have to look at the bigger picture.

The perfect equilibrum

Dont forget what you want in the long run.



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